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Thank you for choosing Humble Ceramics.


Is your glaze a CRACKLE glaze? Then click here.


Before you use your piece(s) for the first time,
wash it and when it is fully dry ...
oil the stoneware.


Rub the oil into the stone with clean hands,
then rub off all excess with a clean fabric cloth.


We recommend using food-safe UNSCENTED clear mineral oil
that is used for cutting boards and salad bowls *
(organic if you can find it).


As opposed to olive oil,
mineral oil will not turn rancid, smelly or sticky.

This will seal the stone and prevent absorption of any liquids
that might stain or even smell down the road.

You can do this once in a while,
or whenever you feel it's necessary.


Humble Ceramics pieces are food-safe, dishwasher safe.

We do not recommend baking or broiling in them
for the sole reason that if food over-spills
and gets baked into the un-glazed porous stoneware side,
it would be difficult to scrape off.

We also do not recommend using them in the microwave.


Use it often, and in many different places for as many different uses
(ie: a mug can become a vase, a cazuela can become a coin dish, and so forth.)

And most importantly - enjoy your piece!!!




We do not recommend using it in a microwave or oven.

Please never soak or thermal shock the piece(s).

DO NOT stack the pieces too high!

The work is heavy so make sure your shelves are strong enough to support that type of weight (a cautious tale) ...


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