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Mars 2019



H O S P I T A L I T Y   O N L Y

 ~ If you buy a color - OTHER than snow White -  you must buy ALL overruns!!! ~

In an effort to streamline, we will only carry pieces in Snow White glaze.

If you buy a color - OTHER than snow White -  you must buy ALL overruns!!!

We will no longer do custom work, experimental glazes, in-between sizes, alternate colors or the likes at this time.

We need to focus, simplify, restructure and use our resources more intelligently. 

By doing so, it will make our studio flow more effectively, our inventory more precise, your wait time not as long, it will help us reduce loss (of actual pieces), have less waste (of raw materials), less packaging, less storage issues and less headaches trying to make it all work!  Simplifying is not only good for every one of our elves, our work environment, but is also more eco-friendly (too long to describe all the reasons why here).  Every action creates a butterfly effect, and we want that effect to be positive and upwards.  You have made us into an unexpected brand, with very VERY high expectations and we’ve been trying to keep up, but now, we must adapt to our current reality in a “swim or sink” moment. For now (until we better our processes) we can no longer afford to make "exceptions" for everyone even if our heart and creative side want to say yes.


We are grateful for your interest and even more for your business!



MINIMUMS REQUIRED on COLORS other than Snow White.

Let's talk ... because it will vary based on the shapes and quantities you want.



Crackling/Crazing glazes such as CLEAR SKY & MOJAVE CRACKLE are not recommend for commercial use, but if you love it and use it at your own risk we can glaze as long as you buy the over runs. Some restrictions apply.

(it is food safe in terms of ingredients use, but has crackling)

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