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C O M M E R C I A L S   &   V I D E O S

CONSUME: Handcrafting LA Restaurant Design

Delphine Lippens, founder of Humble Ceramics on her work.

Visit the "Consume" exhibition, on view at the Craft in America Center

until Januaty 4rth, 2020

Bodhi Tree Maker Series: behind the scenes w/ Humble Ceramics (11-16)
one correction needs to be addressed ... one very important phrase got edited backwards and should say:
"In a society that craves perfection, Wabi-Sabi is a huge influence because it gives us permission to fall in love with the beauty of imperfections ... "

HC Spotted in Chef Brown's Gardner Junction Vimeo

HC Spotted in Panasonic Commercials - Japan

HC Spotted in CERRE's Spring 2014 Spring 2014 Video Fashion Week

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