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C R A C K L E   G L A Z E S





Clear Sky and Mojave Crackle are crackle or kan'nyu glazes.

The crackles are not defects, rather, they are intentional accidents!

Those patterns are called kan'nyu

and in Japan, they are considered a desirable aspect of pottery.

Because no two kan'nyu patterns are ever the same,

each piece is considered unique and one of a kind.

Kan'nuy patterns create their own unique fingerprint-like identity.

In Japanese culture, people love kan'nyu in their teacups and tea bowls.  

Tea (and now coffee) seeps into the fine cracks, staining it overtime - that is normal.

The teacup will slowly change overtime and with each use.  

Its character will grow together with its user.  

It is cherished like an old friend.


In Japan,

kan'nyu is considered part of the charm of a piece.

But for those who don't like the discoloration,

there are a few different ways to prevent it:


- dip the piece in water each time before use


- boiling the item with rice rinsed water to stop coloration


- some people add two tablespoons of wheat flour to a pot of water, bringing it to a boil,

then placing the item in the water (carefully) and letting it boil for 10 minutes

and letting it cool naturally.


(DO NOT thermal shock the piece by placing it in cold water immediately after removing from boiling water!)

Crackle has been treasured since 10th Century China where it was first seen on various Celadons.



In my humble opinion, some of the most beautiful pottery from Japan, China and Korea has often been kan'nyu!


KAN'NYU glazes are considered pourous therefore not recommended for commercial use.

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