We are often asked if we can do custom colors ...


Yes! We would be happy to help you find a color that is different from our current palette, but there will be a fee for the time and materials it takes to develop it.  There will aslo be a minimum quantity required.


If you would like that color to be exclusive to you, that is possible, too, for an additional charge and under a different agreement.


Please contact us to set an appointment to discuss custom colors.






We offer a very large variety of sizes for each of our items. If there's an item you would like in a specific size, but don't see it here on the site, please ask us about it.  It may be that we have it available already or have something similar.  If not, we can often make a unique size for you (with minimum orders).


We will talk with you about what the use of the item is, what size, shape, and clay might work well, and find the best solution for your idea. The size and shape chosen will determine additional fees and time needed to complete order. 


If you would like a size to be exclusive to you, that is possible, too, for an additional charge and under a different agreement.


Please contact us to set an appointment to discuss custom sizes.






We get requests from people who have been envisioning a certain shape that we don't currently create and wonder if we can help them bring it into being.


Yes, absolutely!


In order to create a custom shape we first must create several prototypes and see what works with clay and color as well as what matches your vision.


The timing of getting to a final piece as well as the cost depends on the complexity of the piece as well as how clearly you are able to communicate with us the ultimate design you want. Often prototyping can take up from 2-4 months minimum.


If you would like to create a custom shape, we will discuss options with you working under a specific agreement and then she'll able to clarify cost and timing with you.


If you would like the shape to be exclusive to you that is possible, too, for an additional charge and under a separate agreement.


Please contact us to set an appointment to discuss custom shapes.






Anything Delphine creates will have to stay within the aesthetic of Humble Ceramics.  If what you ask us to do feels too different from our style, we will recommend you go to someone more aligned with your vision.  We do not do decals, patterns, and all work will have our stamp at the bottom. We are not a manufacturer set up to develop your design ... Humble Ceramics is the work and vision of artist Delphine Lippens, and as such, must retain that integrity of style and unique identity.




Please email us at for a more detailed copy of the above agreements




If you are considering using or selling Humble Ceramics, please contact us for the password which will allow you to download the appropriate agreement which will most likely answer most of your questions.
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100% of our electricity is now provided from wind energy via Arcadia Power

We are extremely mindful of our water consumption, use Carbon Neutral shipping options anytime it's an option, reuse and recycle as many packaging products as possible for local pick-ups, use as many bio-degradable materials as possible or choose recycled materials when we have the option. We pack in such a way that you can reuse most of the materials except the outer box and we're working towards more ways to be better ...


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