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Wabi-Sabi / Seconds Day

~  Saturday AUGUST 22, 2020  from 9am - 4pm  ~

We do not sell online. This is in person only.

First come first serve - all pieces as is.
Credit Card or Venmo only!
NO cash (for security reasons)

It will be hot!
So bring water and a hat or sunbrella for shade.

Humble Ceramics
326 W 58th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Parking on the 57th, 58th, Grand or Broadway.
Uber/Lyft/Waze recommended to avoid parking hassle

Please bring your own crates, boxes, bags ...
we'll provide wrapping paper and other supplies.

* What you see on the website, Instagram and in current stores is NOT part of the clearance.
Expect to see mostly seconds,
and maybe a few discontinued sizes, colors, shapes!!!

Hope to see you there!


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