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Humble Ceramics is a small company based in South Los Angeles.  Thanks to your interest, we have been growing quickly, but we must also grow mindfully.  So with that in mind, we have a created a set of guidelines and policies to help us navigate the growing demand and the realities of running a new artisanal business.


Anyone interested in establishing a new wholesale or hospitality account with us will need to fill out an application and provide us with a current resale/seller’s permit or proof of business (hospitality).  We're interested in creating long-term relationships, so each new request will be carefully considered to see if we’re a good fit.


Some of the points considered in this agreement include how well your business might fit with our current venues, values and vision, how well we communicate, if we have the ability to meet your needs, if your aesthetic matches and/or is aligned with the direction in which we are headed, if our pricing is a good match for your customers, and so forth.  We will also ask that you provide us with a visual reference such as a website, an Instagram or Pinterest account, or a mood board that represents your vision in case you are a new or even a pre-opening business.

To receive a new retailer account and/or hospitality application/agreement, please contact us and specify in your email if you are a retailer or which industry you belong to, as well as why you believe Humble Ceramics would be a good fit for your business. Once we know who we are talking to, we'll give you the password to download the new retailer and/or hospitality agreement. Once read, if you choose to do business with Humble Ceramics, we will need the application signed and sent back to us (mail, email, fax ...).


We are currently accepting applications for new wholesale accounts for review.


We thank you for your interest, patience and understanding.




Please email us at info@humbleceramics.com for a more complete copy of the above agreement



If you are considering using or selling Humble Ceramics, please contact us for the password which will allow you to download the appropriate agreement which will most likely answer most of your questions.
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Please note that what is sold on the online store is not necessarily available for B2B ... please look at the products on this site only.


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100% of our electricity is now provided from wind energy via Arcadia Power


We are extremely mindful of our water consumption, use Carbon Neutral shipping options anytime it's an option, reuse and recycle as many packaging products as possible for local pick-ups, use as many bio-degradable materials as possible or choose recycled materials when we have the option. We pack in such a way that you can reuse most of the materials except the outer box and we're working towards more ways to be better ...

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