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W A B I - S A B I


"Wabi-sabi is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic.
It is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.
It is a beauty of things modest and humble.
It is a beauty of things unconventional.
It is also two separate words, with related but different meanings.

"Wabi" is the kind of perfect beauty that is seemingly-paradoxically caused by just the right kind of imperfection,
such as an asymmetry in a ceramic bowl which reflects the handmade craftsmanship,
as opposed to another bowl which is perfect, but soul-less.

"Sabi" is the kind of beauty that can come only with age,
such as the patina on a very old bronze statue."

This text via
Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers
by Leonard Koren






Kin-tsugi is the art of mending the broken.


“KIN” is “gold” and “TSUGI” means “joining”.


What an amazing metaphor

for our life and process!

Marks and scars,

left by aging,

showing our story, beauty and charm.

Embracing our flaws,

forgiving ourselves,

illuminating our imperfections.


That is unexpected beauty.

That is humble poetry.

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